Car Auto Motorcycle Bullet Terminals 4mm Male Female Wire Bullet Crimp Connectors Terminal With Insulation Sheath [100pcs/25set]

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-100% quality and Brand new.  
-Car Auto Truck 4mm Bullet Terminal Connector Male & Female Waterproof Jacket with Insulation Sheath  
-Easy to use and install 
-Model: 4.0mm  
-Material: Copper ( Tin Plated )  
-Thickness: 0.3mm  
-Insulation Sheath Color : Transparent  
-Applicable Wires : 0.5 to 2.5 Square 
 50Set 200PCS 
Package Included:  
25 x Male Terminal Connector  
25 x Female Terminal Connector  
25 x Male Sheath  
25 x Female Sheath