Electronic Fish Toy Automatic Funny Cat Exercise Chargeable Simulation Flopping Cat Kicke Moving Dancing Fish Toys For Cat 30cm

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Material: PP + mint Size: about 5 * 12 * 30cm Net weight: about 100g Gross weight: about 110g Power supply: lithium battery *The motor has black and white colors, the colors are sent randomly

Various styles for you to choose

Including motor (A B C D) Including motor (A B C D) + replaceable fish shell (the motor can be adapted to all fish shells)


1. Good material: using high-quality materials, durable and not easy to damage. 2. Health: The toy does not contain toxic and harmful substances and substances, which is safe and healthy for pets 3. Easy to use: After turning on the switch, just tap or bite to vibrate automatically, attracting the cat's attention 4. Design: The shape design of the fish originates from the nature of the cat, which can attract the attention of the cat more (gift a mint bag) 5. Practical: Cats can play on their own, which greatly saves the owner ’s time, so that they can do more things. Colleagues ’toys allow cats to perform some beneficial physical exercises, and can relieve unpleasant mood and release stress.

Package list

1 * Cat toy 1 * USB