Home Usage Dual LED Display 40A 63A 80A Din Rail 230V Adjustable Voltage Surge Protector Relay with Limit Current Protection

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40A 63A 80A 230V 120V 50/60Hz Din Rail Adjustable Automatic Recovery Over And Under Voltage Protector With Over Current Protection

SVP series SINOTIMER brand automatic over-voltage and under-voltage protector is suitable for single-phase AC 230V or 120V, 50/60Hz, rated working current 40A or 63A or 80A or less loads. 

It is mainly used for residential household box entry or over-voltage, under-voltage or over-current protection of distribution lines for single-phase electrical equipment. 

Its main feature is when the circuit has over-voltage or under-voltage, over-current problems, the product can cut off the power supply instantaneously to protect the electrical equipment from being damaged, besides,the protector can automatically turn on the power supply when the circuit voltage returns to the normal.
1.Over-voltage protection
2.Under-voltage protection
3.Over-current protection
4.Automatic recovery
5.Voltage display(voltage measurement)
6.Current display (current measurement)
Only 80A has green and red LED,other models only have red LED.
We have the manual in English,Russian and Portuguese,tell us your e-mail address then we will send it to you.
Product Parameters:  
1.Model number:SVP916
2.Power supply:230VAC 50/60Hz or 120VAC 50/60Hz
3.Max.Loading power:1~40A  Adjustable(default:40A)
                                    1~63A  Adjustable(default:63A)
                                    1~80A  Adjustable(default:80A)
4.Over-voltage protection value range:221V~300~OFF(default:280V)
   Over-voltage recovery voltage range:220V--299V(default:250V)
   Over-voltage protection action time:0.1s~10s(default value:0.1s)
5.Under-voltage protection value range:219V--150V --OFF(default:160V)
   Under-voltage recovery voltage range:151V--220V (default:180V)
   Under-voltage protection action time:0.1s~10s(default:0.1s)
6.Over-current adjustment range:1-40A (default:40A)
   Over-current action range:0.1~512 second (default:5.0s)
7.Recovery delay time:2s~120s(default:60s)​​
8.Power-on delay time:2s~10s(default:2s)
9.Power consumption : <2W
10.Electric machinery life : 100,000 times
11.Installation:35mm DIN rail
Noted: When you first connect the product, you have to wait about 1 minute, after the red light turn off, then the product will work.