Large garlic garlic household stainless steel four-in-one pressure garlic garlic garlic creative kitchen manual garlic  

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Name: Pressure garlic made in China Material: pressure groove 304 stainless steel + alloy + handle 201 stainless steel Specifications: length 16cm Total weight: 168g Uses: Making garlic.     Fine workmanship, shiny texture, no rough, good hand feeling The grooved stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and is safe to use. Into the electrolysis process, shining as new, seeing quality The groove can also be moved for easy removal and cleaning Can be pressed unpeeled garlic, but peeled and pressed garlic is more hygienic, one at a time, convenient and time-saving for home use. The hammer is replaced by a newer, thicker and thicker pressure. The inner diameter of the groove is 2.5cm and the depth is 3cm. The handle opening is 160°.   Garlic combines more than 100 medicinal and health benefits. It has the functions of strong sterilization, lowering the height, improving immunity and so on.