Two function toilet hand bidet faucet bathroom bidet shower sprayer brass T adapter 1.2m hose tank hooked holder easy install

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1) All parts in one box, no need to purchase extra component for installation.

2) Save money and the environment

3) Universal and Standard& Compatible dimension

4) Adjustable water pressure make you better experience!

  •  PERFECT SOLUTION FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE –Dual spray setting-jet and soft for choice, can help to improve personal hygiene, provides a soothing, cleansing, sanitary wash with the press of button
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Not only perfectly used for bidet, but also ideal for cloth diaper sprayer, dog shower, cleaning potty seat bowl, squatting pan and so on
  • EASY INSTALLATION- frustration free to finish installation in a few minutes, no need plumbers and no difficult tools, only DIY tools are enough.                

Stainless Steel Hose dimension: G1/2"*G1/2", 1.2 Meter (47inch) in length
T-adapter dimension: G1/2" *G1/2"*G1/2" ,or 7/8"*7/8"*G1/2", brass material, chrome plated, ceramic and brass disc cartridge

Pay attention:some countries need 3/8" T-adapter ,the order from Israel, Spain, Holland, Belgium and Germany...,we will send transfer accessories(1/2" to 3/8"),thanks!

3 sale modes choice

A:-bidet sprayer+1.2 meter hose+T-adapter+holder with hook+PTFE TAPE B:Single bidet sprayer C:bidet sprayer+1.2 meter hose+Bracket (without hook)

Double water outlet modes

Easy twist the sprayer head to switch

Bracket + Hook

Strong inner tube


We send correct T-adapter size for different countries use

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